Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Core Sound 20 Mark III - Final Post before Cedar Key

First, let me send you to Alan (aka SOS) Stewart's blog to see the construction of the Centerboard.  With the time press and the importance of a good foil for good sailing, I commissioned Alan to construct the board.  In the future, I understand centerboards will be part of the kit.

Link to Alan's Blog

There is still a lot to do.  Mostly sanding (LOTS of sanding), painting, and hardware installation.  But, I have to leave for Florida and Cedar Key, so she'll have to do until I return.

Next-to-final coat of paint on the sheer strake

Painting the rudder

Drilling the pivot hole in Alan's excellent centerboard
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The inside will stay bright (encapsulated in epoxy) until after Cedar Key.  Time is running out.
Detail of aft end of one of the sprits.

Detail of forward end of one of the sprits.  These will stay bright with a couple of coats of varnish to protect from UV.
Ready to weather the thunderstorms on the way to Florida

Seats and water ballast access installed

Ready to drive - anchor locker complete

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Core Sound 20 Mark III - Part 5

As I move into the last week before I trailer Look Far to Florida for the cabin canvas and the Cedar Key Boat Meet, the work is about sanding and painting and building the parts.  

It's finally getting warm enough to open up the shop for ventilation while I paint, but it snowed last Monday.  I have spent a lot of time this week in a respirator:

Here, in sequence, is the hull with primer (2 coats) and 2 part polyurethane paint (again, 2 coats).  Topsides and the boot stripe will come later.  I am hoping the half oval rub strake for the keel arrives before I have to flip her to finish the top.

Painted hull

Rudder blade

Rudder blade and hatch covers
Rudder Cheeks

The obligatory bug in the paint
bushings for joining mast sections

Detail of assembled joint before "ramp" is constructed for the sail track
Masts assembled with sprits beside them

Friday, April 11, 2014

Core Sound 20 Mark III Part IV

With an interruption for a Cloud Forest School meeting in Costa Rica and some fatigue and weakness subsequent to Montezuma's revenge, I am again seeing progress.

I have installed the keel and have covered the bottom in 10 oz fiberglass cloth, encapsulating the whole thing in 3 coats of epoxy.  I'll have to let her cure for a couple of days before primer and paint.

Meanwhile, I'm working on parts.  The mast will come tomorrow, and I'm getting some work done under the overturned boat.  Here are more pictures:

Here is the rudder, faired and with the pivot hole filled.  It will be drilled out, and the thickened epoxy remaining around the edges will serve as a bearing for the pivot bolt.

Here are the rudder cheeks assembled with their doublers and the pivot holes filled.

Here is the tabernacle for the main mast with the pivot holes filled with thickened epoxy, again in to serve as a bearing.

Here are the hatch covers encapsulated.  They will require a beveled 1 X 2 in the rear for the hinge to be screwed into, then they can be installed after she is flipped back upright.

Here is the boat itself.  Keel is installed with fillets and cloth, and the whole thing is encased in 10 oz fiberglass cloth and 3 coats of epoxy.  She will cure for a couple of days, then get 2 coats of primer and at least 2 coats of 2 part polyurethane paint.  Finally, the keel will get s half-oval stainless strip to take the trailer and beach and(dare I say it) groundings.  

Just over 2 week till I must leave for Florida for canvas and the Cedar Key Small Boat Meet.

And a special note - Designer Graham Byrnes is now cutting kits for the Core Sound 20 Mark III (a downsized version of this boat) and will soon be doing the same for the 20 Mark III.  He began the design on the 17 before the 20, and thus the order.  It is interesting to note that he is cutting one for himself.  Check it out at B & B Yacht Designs.

Finally, here is a great three part video of Graham's apprentice and partner-in-crime, Alan Stewart, assembling the new Sore Sound 15 kit.  This is how the pros do it!