Monday, June 23, 2014

Coming Out Party!

More detail work.  Running lines aft for the main halyard, snotter and downhaul. 

Setting up the sprits and adding hardware to the masts:

Then taking her outside to raise the sails for the first time (Sail #1!) and figure out sheeting.  Two phone calls to Graham about this - do the sheets go to the mizzen, to the cabin top, or to the thwart?  Wanting to have double-ended sheets and deciding that the cabin top is too fat forward, I decided on the thwart that holds the mast step.  The mizzen sheets must come through blocks on the transom since that's as far aft as I can get. 

Then to the lake to float her and approximate the waterline:

Now I'm off to work at camp for 5 weeks, but I may get home this weekend to finish enough to take her for a sail!

. . . and a name on the transom:

Monday, June 2, 2014


I am back from whitewater staff training at camp and back to work on the boat.  Painting is finished, so it's a matter of assembling parts, rigging, eta.  Sail tracks and attachments to the masts, installing rudder and centerboard, etc.  Here are some pictures:

Pintiles, gugeons and rudder

Painting done.  Rub rails, rub strake for the bottom, toe rail for the cabin top all on the list.