Monday, November 17, 2014

Core Sound 15 sailing with a little Mark III Footage at the Messabout

Here is footage of Alan Stewart sailing the Core Sound 15 (the first kit) that he built for a client.  Look at the acceleration!

There is a little footage of my Mark III, including sailing on mizzen alone.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

2014-10-26 self-righting waterballast of the Core Sound 20 mark III

Somehow the video in the previous post reverted to the Mark 2 self righting test.  I hope this post works.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sea Trials - the B&B Messabout

With no time on the water with wind, I towed my Core Sound 20 Mark 3 Look Far to North Carolina's Pamlico Sound and the B&B Messabout near Vandemere.  This is where her construction began almost a year ago and where, once a year, builders of Graham Byrnes' designs and interested folks gather to mess about in boats and to talk about boats and, looking at one another's boats, to contemplate the next build.  There was a lot of interest in my build since she was the first Mark 3 to be built.  Unless otherwise noted, the photos are by Michael Collins, my good friend and Everglades Challenge racing partner.

In the carport ready to go to the Messabout (Photo by Doug Cameron)

Graham Byrnes' designs (from left to right) the Lapwing, the CS 20 MK 3, and the Core Sound 15.

Afloat and at the dock in front of Joe and Sally Anderson's EC 22. (Photo by Doug Cameron)

Here is Designer Graham Byrnes in front of his fastest design, the EC 22, built and sailed by Joe and Sally Anderson.  Notice that they are sailing with the rudder up, demonstrating the ability of a cat ketch to steer with sails only. (Photo by Doug Cameron)

Here are some pictures of her under sail:

Following us is Alan Stewart with the Core Sound 15 that he built on commission.  An excellent sailor in a beautifully built boat.

Graham was pushing her hard, in conditions where we would usually reef, to see just how well his design turned out.

Here is Alan Stewart's video of us pushing the Mark 3

Then we did a "tilt test" to check out her self-righting ability.  The ballast tank was full, but the weighted board was up.

And here is a film of the test:

Somehow this video reverted to the Mark 2 self righting test, but I have succeeded in posting it as a separate post.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Final (outside) touches

After many months away (part work and part play), I have been getting a few details done so that can go to the B&B Messabout in North Carolina.

On the lake for the first time with ZERO wind.  She does row well compared with the original Core Sound 20

Non-skid added to cabin top

Rub strake added and varnished

Ready to go to the B&B Messabout next weekend
To do list - stuff that can be done after she has a few sails

Monday, June 23, 2014

Coming Out Party!

More detail work.  Running lines aft for the main halyard, snotter and downhaul. 

Setting up the sprits and adding hardware to the masts:

Then taking her outside to raise the sails for the first time (Sail #1!) and figure out sheeting.  Two phone calls to Graham about this - do the sheets go to the mizzen, to the cabin top, or to the thwart?  Wanting to have double-ended sheets and deciding that the cabin top is too fat forward, I decided on the thwart that holds the mast step.  The mizzen sheets must come through blocks on the transom since that's as far aft as I can get. 

Then to the lake to float her and approximate the waterline:

Now I'm off to work at camp for 5 weeks, but I may get home this weekend to finish enough to take her for a sail!

. . . and a name on the transom:

Monday, June 2, 2014


I am back from whitewater staff training at camp and back to work on the boat.  Painting is finished, so it's a matter of assembling parts, rigging, eta.  Sail tracks and attachments to the masts, installing rudder and centerboard, etc.  Here are some pictures:

Pintiles, gugeons and rudder

Painting done.  Rub rails, rub strake for the bottom, toe rail for the cabin top all on the list.

Friday, May 2, 2014

The Cabin Cover

The design and construction is done by Mike Fina at Island Nautical in St. Petersburg, FL.

Jib track is installed on top of the cabin coming.  On this track run batten cars with pins that can fix the cars at one spot (like the block for jib sheets on a sloop).  The ability to move the batten cars allows the cover to be telescoped forward.

Detail of batten car

Aft View
Forward View

Awning track up front

Forward view of completed cover

Aft view of completed cover - there is a U shaped zipper to allow you to button up or unbutton or just grab something from the cockpit

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Core Sound 20 Mark III - Final Post before Cedar Key

First, let me send you to Alan (aka SOS) Stewart's blog to see the construction of the Centerboard.  With the time press and the importance of a good foil for good sailing, I commissioned Alan to construct the board.  In the future, I understand centerboards will be part of the kit.

Link to Alan's Blog

There is still a lot to do.  Mostly sanding (LOTS of sanding), painting, and hardware installation.  But, I have to leave for Florida and Cedar Key, so she'll have to do until I return.

Next-to-final coat of paint on the sheer strake

Painting the rudder

Drilling the pivot hole in Alan's excellent centerboard
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The inside will stay bright (encapsulated in epoxy) until after Cedar Key.  Time is running out.
Detail of aft end of one of the sprits.

Detail of forward end of one of the sprits.  These will stay bright with a couple of coats of varnish to protect from UV.
Ready to weather the thunderstorms on the way to Florida

Seats and water ballast access installed

Ready to drive - anchor locker complete