Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Finishing - Details

There are always a thousand little things to finish at the end.  I still have to enclose the area where the line comes into the cabin from the centerboard trunk (to keep the cabin dry, yet still have access) and I am building a mount for the aft nav light on the transom so that we aren't blinded at the helm.  

38 days until the 2015 Everglades Challenge.

Painted and varnished the cabin

Added gimbaled stove and tube for the end of the oars

Shelf for binoculars and odd gear

bag to contain the spaghetti of lines led aft

Mount for GPS 

Mount for lighted hand bearing compass (one mount on each side)

container for emergency ladder (I had to use one on he last boat!)

Ladder deployed

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  1. Doug, I am the guy who bought your Seapearl 21 after your Everglades Challenge with it. I have since sold it to a sailor who had been looking for one for years. He was delighted to get it. Bought a Precision 21 for sleeping on board with my grandsons, sold it since they are now in college and grown, and am renovating a Siren 17. Also putting a Falcon sail on my kayaks and building a Dreamcatcher Big Lassie skin on frame. Good to see you on the net! Keep racing! Jerry Renno, Birmingham, AL